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As a Strategy Partner at Digitas with a focus on Customer Engagement you will be responsible for building out and leading our capability in this area; from the strategic products we sell, to the processes and systems we use, to team growth and development. And you’ll be comfortable with building out our profile as we build our capability.

From a business growth perspective you will work closely with the Managing Partner responsible for CRM to help bring in new business, and make sure we can deliver (on both existing clients and new ones) from a strategic perspective.

From a client perspective you’ll absolutely need to be a trusted strategic partner, and someone they actively turn to as they forge their own path and that of their business forwards.

Along with the Head of Strategy and other Strategy Partners you’ll also play a crucial role in making Digitas much more than the sum of its parts. We are uniquely placed in terms of the breadth of our capability, and genuinely connected customer experiences will only ever come from genuinely connected strategic thinking. 


  • Build and lead the Customer Engagement capability within the wider Strategy Department (strategic products we sell, strategic processes and steps, team growth and development)
  • Growing scope for Customer Engagement across a portfolio of accounts and new business that you lead (alongside the Managing Partner)
  • Be an active part of the strategic leadership team that builds out our Connected Experience proposition
  • Building agency profile and thought leadership for Customer Engagement and the wider customer experience


  • Strong Customer Engagement / CRM strategic skills with proven experience in devising and helping put in place complex and highly-segmented programmes
  • High-level understanding of the marketing technology landscape and the challenges and opportunities this can create for clients
  • Strong ability to partner with data capabilities (data science, data analytics, data strategy) to ensure grounded and actionable strategies
  • Strong research abilities (either 1st hand or by briefing internal or external agents) covering qual and quant
  • Strong and persuasive communicator and presenter
  •  Strong team manager
  • Effectiveness mindset, always keen (and able to, alongside others) prove the difference we make

About Digitas

Digitas is The Connected Marketing Agency, committed to helping brands better connect with people through Truth. Connection. Wonder. With diverse expertise in data, strategy, creative, media, and tech, we work across capabilities and continents to make better connections and achieve ambitious outcomes through ideas that excite, provoke and inspire. Curious and fully transparent, we are always examining real human behavior to create authentic connections—between brands and consumers, clients and partners, and ideas and outcomes. Digitas has 3,500 employees across 18 countries and 32 offices, with an extended network via Publicis Media of over 23,500 employees present in more than 100 countries worldwide. To connect with Digitas or learn more, visit

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