2023 ADCOLOR Conference & Awards: Double Up and Double Down

Lyndsay Cornelious
Published November 29, 2023

The official description of the ADCOLOR Conference & Awards is the premier diversity gathering for professionals at all levels. Ad professionals come together to learn, grow, connect, and reaffirm their purposes and missions. The 2023 conference and awards successfully delivered inspiring content, engaging activations, and dynamic speakers. The theme for this year was "Double Down & Double Up," which called for a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the face of attacks on DEI practices and programs. It urged us to stand firm and support each other, our agencies, and our brands in upholding these commitments.

All the sessions aimed to equip attendees with the language and resources necessary to embrace that responsibility. The awards, besides serving as a showcase of fashion excellence, provide the perfect conclusion to the weekend. Not only is there the opportunity to witness and learn from established industry pros and emerging talents, but there is also a reminder of the remarkable work this community contributes to. ADCOLOR is always inspiring, fulfilling, and leaves attendees prepared to tackle the corporate world.

The unofficial description? Homecoming. Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned alum, you can't help but feel like you've been welcomed back into a familiar space. The catchups and run-ins are infinite. Strangers feel like family. Even the high-profile speakers and guests feel like distant cousins. The care and love in every nook and cranny warm the soul.

We often focus on the lack of diversity in our industry. But seeing us fill this huge event space - and knowing that this isn't even all of us - reminds you that we are here, and we are powerful. That power was on full display as we supported our forever Rockstar, Danisha Lomax, EVP and Head of Client Inclusivity & Impact at Digitas. She was nominated for the ADCOLOR Rockstar award in the way Unicorns should - loud, proud, and full of sparkle.

Digitas and Publicis Groupe have been longstanding supporters of ADCOLOR. And just as the theme tasks us to do we plan on doubling down on that support and doubling up on our commitments to the mission of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging.

Here are some insights and favorite moments from some of our Digitas attendees.

“This was my first ADCOLOR experience. As I immersed myself in the panel discussions, a thought crossed my mind: 'They're preaching to the choir; it would be beneficial for those outside our communities to hear some of these insights.' As I immersed myself in the content, it became evident that the conference's purpose is to reinvigorate and empower those who attend, providing them with tools to persist in their personal battles and effect change in their respective roles. This experience served as a great reminder for me to actively explore my identity and consider how I can leverage it to shape and enhance the impact of my work." - Naomi Gomez, Senior Brand Strategist

"Celebrating the end of such an incredible weekend, dancing with colleagues and new friends (specifically dropping it low to Nicki Minaj with Kahlil Greene) and enjoying the ADCOLOR Red Carpet with my Publicis peers will be the moment that carries me through the rest of 2023. That moment also was such a beautiful showcase of the dynamism and versatility of our community – yes, we are brilliant, business-oriented, ambitious professionals, but we also know how to get down and have a good time! Not to mention every single person in that room looked GOOOODT." - Ina Joseph, Senior Associate, Project Management

“I absolutely loved meeting everyone at the conference both within Publicis Groupe and beyond. Honestly, I’ve never seen or met that many POC in one place, especially in a professional setting. I’ve gained a great number of new connections and I’m privileged to call some of them my friends now just 2 weeks later. The feeling coming out of the conference is indescribable – it’s the first time I’ve felt so seen, heard, and understood by acquaintances I’m meeting for the first time.” - Jamie Lam, Analyst, Data and Analysis

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to experience ADCOLOR for the first time with a group of amazing Digitas and Publicis Groupe leaders. As a comms and PR professional, having community in the advertising industry is crucial and something that I wish I had early on in my career. It was great being able to connect, laugh, converse, and enjoy the moment with so many inspiring individuals. It’s something I will look forward to for years to come.” – Shaina Cooper, Associate Director, Corporate Communications

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