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Adweek • December 21, 2017

Digitas Will Go Dark the Last Week of 2017 to Help Light Up Puerto Rico

For our annual holiday card greeting this year, Digitas is going dark to give light: the agency is shutting off all the lights across its 6 US offices, saving energy and money. The money saved will be donated to Light Up Puerto Rico, an organization working to restore power across the island, where 40% of the population is still without power following Hurricane Maria. Digitas employees are encouraged to do the same this holiday season, and donate the money saved (by powering down) to Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

Huffington Post • November 7, 2017

The Big Business of Making Personal Connections with Diverse Travelers

African American/Black millennials are the largest of millennial minority groups, yet they are largely overlooked within the travel industry. Digitas's Najla Haddad uncovers opportunities and needs within this influential and underserved segment of the travel industry with references from Digitas's very own Black Millennial Travelers research.

Blavity • October 10, 2017

New Study Proves Black Millennials Love To Travel, Are Looking For Companies That Understand Them

Take a look at Digitas’s new original research on black millennial travel.  The research includes key insights about where and why they are traveling, how much is being spent, and most importantly what they are looking for when booking their next getaway.  

eMarketer • August 15, 2017

Video Advertising in Social Media 2017: Showtime for Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter

Julie Whiting, Associate Media Director of Digitas Chicago joins other industry experts in this eMarketer report to share her insights on future programming plans of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, and the opportunities marketers will have as video content consumption across all three channels grows.

Adweek • August 7, 2017

KitchenAid Celebrates the Passion of the Everyday Cook in Lurpak-Like Ads  

KitchenAid partnered with Digitas to create "Yours For The Making," their new campaign which aims to unify the brand's 25 product categories of major and small appliances. Adweek spoke with Digitas's Laura Keeler, SVP/Group Creative Director, and KitchenAid's Christy Hoskins, Senior Brand Manager, about the work. 

Adweek • July 11, 2017

Quartz and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Created AI-Powered Ads to Take Readers Deeper Into Stories

Quartz launches “Machines With Brains”—a new series about the intersection of humans, technology and artificial intelligence. For the first installment, Quartz partnered with HPE and Digitas to develop a chatbot to help users learn more about the stories’ topics and how HPE creates technology related to the series. Sean Mahoney, VP Group Director, Digitas Studios shares his take on the partnership.

Digiday • June 30, 2017

In programmatic, buyers sometimes don't know what type of auction they're bidding in

Programmatic ad buying seems confusing enough as it is, and now with a recent influx of first-price auctions in the space (historically these have operated as second-price auctions), the waters are even murkier. Not sure what any of this means to begin with? Liane Nadeau, Associate Director, Programmatic provides a helpful breakdown and includes some words of wisdom.

eMarketer • June 29, 2017

How Marketers Are Effectively Integrating TV, Digital and In-Store Data

Marketers are experimenting with technologies that help integrate data from digital, TV and the physical store, but there are few true omnichannel solutions available today. Our own Andrew Colberg-Amador, SVP, Strategy and Analysis, speaks with eMarketer about solutions used by marketers and rising challenges.

Business Insider • June 29, 2017

Snap is fighting to retain its identity even as it opens up to a sea of new advertisers

Snapchat is going further to ramp up its ad platform, but they're still asking marketers to create ads that look like Snapchat. The app recently began circulating updated guidelines for advertisers to keep in mind while making Snap ads. Read on to learn more about these updates, check out Jill Sherman's take, and see the full list of Snap Ads guidelines.

Adweek • June 12, 2017

Snapchat Is Ramping Up Agency Services and Unleashing the Next Generation of Its Ad Business

On the eve of this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Snapchat will announce its new Snapchat Certified Partners program. The launch will unveil new products and features with advertising agency use top of mind. Jill Sherman speaks about these opportunities and how it will effect Snapchat's rival, Instagram.

Business Insider • June 12, 2017

Verizon could take on Facebook and Google in online advertising — but it is not there yet

Could Verizon take on Facebook and Google in online advertising? With its recent acquisition of Yahoo, this could be a real possibility! On its way to becoming a "third giant" in advertising, Digitas's Shreya Kushari shares her predictions on the road ahead.

Digiday • June 6, 2017

Viewability standards have a gaping hole: mobile apps

Digital media trends, they're just like us. Two of the big trends in digital media aren’t compatible: The drive to enforce viewability standards and the shift to mobile, particularly apps. Experts like Digitas's VP of Media Technology, Rob Auger, explain why this is happening and what can be done to fix it.

Ad Age • May 31, 2017

What Mary Meeker Has to Say About Snapchat's TV Dreams

Move over Netflix? Snapchat's new original shows are attracting upwards of 10 million people in mobile viewership. Shows like "Second Chance" and "Phone Swap" have been gaining serious attention lately and we're interested to see how the content will make its way in with advertisers and coincide with mainstream TV. Jill Sherman covers what's on the horizon for Snap TV and what it could mean for us.

Digiday • May 23, 2017

‘Gold from a marketer’s perspective’: Pinterest is quietly gaining a foothold among marketers

Pinterest is moving beyond the place where you save those healthy avocado recipes and home DIYs you haven't tried yet. After some time spent wondering where Pinterest fell within the social landscape, it looks like the site has gained the attention of ad buyers with its roll out of several new features and a forward push into the ad space. Jill Sherman shares insights about how Pinterest could be helpful for your clients, and don't forget to pin to your #workgrind board!

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