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Facebook Shows the World the Future of Reality


Keith Soljacich

Facebook Shows the World the Future of Reality

Wasting no time in his F8 2017 Keynote Address, Mark Zuckerberg dove deep in to their biggest product launch of the year -- The Augmented Reality Camera. Zuckerberg previewed an extended demo showing the new Augmented Reality camera functions built in to the Facebook app, including the image and spatial recognition they’ve added to enhance the experience. Also announced was the launch of AR Studio, an accessible platform for developers to create branded AR experiences for Facebook. 

With camera-based AR, there are 3 main use cases: 

  • Display digital information contextually to the physical world
  • Add digital objects to a scene
  • Enhance existing objects in a scene

The opportunity and growth for brands who embrace AR are there on Facebook’s platform.  Nike showed off an example of an AR filter that displayed your race time, average pace and added a 3D Nike headband to your head.  This showed how you can use their tools to make share-worthy AR experiences.

For retail and shopper marketing, Facebook introduced a location-based tool that lets users leave Augmented Reality digital notes at locations they’ve visited.  This could be a great tool that brands can leverage to add AR guides or markers to their physical locations.

With AR as an emerging platform and Facebook taking a huge leap forward in accessibility, we should be asking our clients what business problems we can solve with AR and a virtual presence.  The timing for AR adoption has begun and the two biggest handset manufacturers, Samsung & Apple, are releasing new hardware over the next 6 months that will power these experiences.  Very soon, an AR presence could be as critical to businesses as a website, and our partners will be looking to Digitas to lead the way.

*Photo credit: Tech Crunch

Keith Soljacich

Keith Soljacich

VP/Director, Technology AT Digitas

As VP/Director of Technology and the National Lead for the Digital Studio at Digitas, Keith Soljacich leads on-shore and off-shore digital production teams.  As a category expert in motion design, Keith bridges the gap between creative and technology to create award-winning branded experiences. Keith is an active member of the Digitas Labs team with a specialty in VR & AR.


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