Adweek • May 30, 2019

Digitas Makes This Clear at NewFronts: Nothing Is More Important Than Trust Right Now

Digitas hosted its 12th Annual NewFront with the theme "Trust Me*" focused on privacy and brand safety. Check out this  Adweek  article featuring an overview of the event and highlights of each presentation. 
Adweek • April 12, 2019

Ads Are Coming to WhatsApp Status Sometime in 2019, but Will Agencies Bite?

What's up with WhatsApp? Well, sometime in 2019 ads will be coming to the app's stories feature, and ad buyers are wondering if their current creative will convert. Check out the insights and read more from Digitas' Associate Director, Social Strategy, Trevor Davis  here
eMarketer • March 22, 2019

What Role Does Digital Play in US Parents’ Shopping?

Findings show that parents are increasingly using digital tools to supplement their in-store shopping in an effort to save both time and money. A recent study found that over 68% agree that the internet has changed the way they get information about products and services.  Click  to read this  eMarketer article, informed by Digitas' VERA research,  "The Subscriber’s Dilemma--‘From More Please’ to ‘No Thanks’".
Digiday • March 8, 2019

Google’s Adoption of First-Party Auction Creates Migration Headaches for Buyers

Google’s ad exchange is finally following its programmatic peers and moving to a first-price auction model, in which the advertiser that places the highest bid wins the impression and pays as much as they bid. Read what this means for buyers and get insights from Digitas' Tori Shulman, Associate Director of Programmatic.
Adweek • February 20, 2019

Spotify Is Turning to Placed as an Offline Attribution Measurement Partner

Spotify has added Placed, a location analytics company, to its roster of measurement partners to help determine business outcomes that result from user engagement in cars, via mobile, on desktop and through connected speakers. Madeline Rothenberg, Digitas Media Supervisor, weighs in and gives her insight on what this means for Spotify. Read more  here .
Business Insider • February 4, 2019

YouTube is Changing How its Priciest Ad Format is Bought to Work More Like TV

YouTube is changing how it sells its daily takeover ads, called masthead ads, from a fixed, cost-per-day rate to cost-per-impression bidding. Check out what this means for brands and agencies and read thoughts from Digitas' Rob Auger, SVP Media Technology. • January 28, 2019

Good for Me. Good for My City.  New York Companies Committed to Mentoring

Digitas New York has received a special thank you and recognition for their commitment to furthering employee volunteer engagement and youth mentorship through the  Good for Me. Good for My City.  campaign. The campaign was launched two years ago in partnership with New York City businesses committed to championing mentorship for high school students, as well as overall employee volunteer engagement.
AdAge • January 24, 2019

CVS Announces Most Of Its Beauty Photos Will Not Be Retouched

This week, CVS announced the relaunch of "Beauty Mark", an icon that appears on all CVS beauty marketing to let viewers know the image has not been digitally altered. But it's also an empowering message: changing nothing can change everything. Check out more on Beauty Mark and Digitas' inclusion on the social engagement campaign in  Ad Age .
Adweek • January 6, 2019

How Brands Can Make the Most of Their Subscription Services

New research from Digitas intelligence hub Vera, “The Subscriber’s Dilemma: From ‘More Please’ to ‘No Thanks’”, examines consumer subscription preferences—and what makes them indispensable to the consumer’s way of life. To view the full results click  here . 
AdAge • January 3, 2019

Industry Executives Predict What Will Happen in 2019 and Beyond

AdAge  asked industry executives to predict the trends that will affect our work and our lives in 2019.  Click  to read what the year has in store and get forecasts from industry leaders including our own Global Brand President, MK.
Business Insider • December 20, 2018

Ad-tech Companies and Networks are Pinning Hopes on Streaming TV, but OTT is Full of Headaches for Marketers

Over the top, or "OTT", advertising is vying for big budgets as marketers shift dollars from linear TV to connected TV devices. However there are also a growing number of challenges that advertisers are still trying to solve like ad fraud, frequency capping, and low-quality creative. Learn more and hear from Digitas' Rob Auger  here .
Digiday • December 13, 2018

'Variable fees' Complicate Programmatic Transparency Push

Ad buyers face a moving target in trying to nail down the fees that supply-side platforms (SSPs) charge publishers. Not only do those fees vary by SSP and by publisher, but they can even vary by the individual impression for a single publisher within a single SSP. Confusing, we know. Read more and get insights from Digitas' Liane Nadeau, VP/Director, Programmatic.
Little Black Book • November 8, 2018

Why Flexibility Is the Future for Creatives

Hannah Melanson, a senior copywriter at Digitas Australia, gives her thoughts on freedom in the workplace and its benefits for ad industry workers.
AdNews • September 4, 2018

Industry Profile: Digitas Melbourne client partner Ollie Ward 

Digitas Melbourne's Client Partner, Ollie Ward, sat down with AdNews to chat about his biggest challenges and future aspirations.
Adweek • June 26, 2018

Dunkin' Donuts Sends U.S. Media Account to Publicis Groupe

Hill Holliday's Trilia, Havas and MDC competed
AdAge • June 26, 2018

Dunkin' Donuts Picks Publicis Media Team as Its U.S. Media Agency Partner

The iconic coffee chain is sending their U.S. media account to Publicis Media; Digitas and Blue 449.
Little Black Book • June 25, 2018

The Essential List: Ian Gough

Digitas Sydney’s Ian Gough on his family connection with Oasis and his fave foodie spots in Sydney
MediaPost • June 20, 2018

What's Trending In Summer Travel Packing?

What is in your luggage is just as important as the destination.
AdAge • June 12, 2018

Creative Leaders Predict the Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winners

Industry leads discuss what work will win big at Cannes this year. Ronald Ng, Global Chief Creative Officer, shares his thoughts.
AdAge • June 11, 2018

Digitas Gets Two New Chief Creatives for North America

Digitas has upped two longtime Digitas leaders to the roles of North America chief creative officers.