DigitasLBi Nordics

#metoo and #sistabriefen have brought a greater awareness of the obvious equality issues in our industry.

We take these issues very seriously and, in saying that, we know we’re not perfect. We want to take ownership, make a real change and do better. We’re on a journey to make a truly equal and safe work environment. As leaders, it’s our responsibility to act, show and ensure that:

  • Our values are based on equality, and the right to be treated with respect
  • We provide an environment in which all of our employees feel safe
  • We ensure that offensive, sexist and derogatory jargon is unacceptable
  • We make sure that everyone in our company is aware of our policy and procedures
  • And that any deviations from our values are not tolerated

We have updated our policy to be clearer on our position, our responsibilities as an employer and those of our employees, whom to turn to and, how we act in these matters. We will ensure that all employees are aware and understand our updated policies. We will also conduct a survey about how our employees feel and perceive us regarding equality at work and, we will start an internal work group to work with equality matters. Most importantly, we will use what we learn from the survey, the work group and our past experiences to inform how we work and build our culture going forward.

We all need to be part of making a change, it’s time to act. #nomore

Marcus Hasselblad, MD Nordics
Thomas Elkan Boisen, COO Nordics
Pierre Renhult, MD Sweden
Mari-Ann Mortensen, MD Denmark
Shannon May, MD Malmö
Karen Ruudh, MD Gothenburg
Björn Elmberg, MD Stockholm
Maria Westerlund, HR Director Nordics
Paul Collins, Executive Creative Director Nordics