Cannes 2015: Introducing the #Mashup


Cannes 2015: Introducing the #Mashup

Tony Weisman

This year, perhaps more than ever, the spotlight is keenly focused on the influx of data and tech at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Some grumble that this distracts (and, for the real purists, detracts) from the historic creativity that still fuels the Festival: the source of inspiration, and the reason 10,000 of us descend on the south of France each summer.

But it’s a reflection of the dramatic transformation happening in our industry. Data and tech are now crucial amplifiers of creative, as consumers increasingly expect personalized content and experiences. Data influences that targeted delivery: what, when, how much, to whom. And tech dictates the where, with a fast-growing selection of new platforms and channels (see: Snapchat’s CEO Evan Speigel, Festival headliner).

This convergence is the top theme discussed this year. And it got me thinking.

The Festival is, in itself, a catalyst for collaboration; a mashup of people and places, creativity and tech, entertainment and education, brands and bravery (the list goes on). It’s where partnerships are born or announced, on the global stage – with lasting implications for our business, brands, and industry.


But when they do succeed, they propel the industry forward, with improved, inspiring, sometimes-breathtaking results

So this year, our agency delegation will attend the Festival in search of the #mashup. Perhaps we will spot successful partnerships – or unlikely bedfellows. A genius collaboration – or an epic fail. Because not all mashups work; sometimes they provoke little more than a head-scratch, a chuckle, and, worst-case, a cringe.

But when they do succeed, they propel the industry forward, with improved, inspiring, sometimes-breathtaking results. Perhaps there is a formula behind this. Perhaps it’s a little bit of magic. And that’s exactly what we’re going to explore.

To start, we’ve created a ‘mashup’ of our own, bringing together media and creative with our inaugural Roar Tour. On Thursday, June 25th, Ronald Ng (Chief Creative Officer, Digitas NA) and Cannes Lions Media Juror Baba Shetty(Global Chief Strategy & Media Officer, Digitas) will partner in the Palais to tour the work and winners from their unique perspectives.

Stay tuned for a few of their #mashup picks before we head into Cannes. And make sure to follow us throughout the Festival on theDOSE, Twitter (@digitas), and Instagram (@Digitas_) for many more.

Tony Weisman

Tony Weisman


Tony sets the strategic course and vision for the agency’s largest region, with clients across financial services, retail, automotive, and entertainment industries. He is also the agency’s champion for culture, diversity, and talent.


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