Cannes Lions Delivers an Award for Creative eCommerce. Finalement!


Cannes Lions Delivers an Award for Creative eCommerce. Finalement!

Sujal Patel

This year at Cannes Lions, eCommerce finally received some long overdue recognition -- Creative eCommerce had its own awards category for the first time ever. But what does Creative eCommerce mean? Cannes Lions defines it as the following: “The Creative eCommerce Lions celebrate creative, commercial eCommerce, payment solutions and innovation. Each entry needs to demonstrate how the innovation and optimizations of the customer journey led to increased consumer engagement and commercial success. 

This addition has been long overdue. One of the major goals in advertising is to help brands sell their products or services, and creativity is a driving force in doing that. The most transformative and innovative areas in business today continues to show up in eCommerce, including: 

  • the evolving way we make payments through various channels using different interfaces such as paying your bills via voice, ordering food via Slack, and using facial recognition to pay for a purchase.
  • newly-created brands with direct-to-consumer offerings that are challenging long established brands, like Casper, Warby Parker, and Snowe.
  • the point of engagement is now blurred with the point of purchase. This allows for a seamless interaction from a branded experience to an eCommerce conversion and vice-versa. KFC China, which had a large presence at Cannes, is a brand that is doing this well: they are using creativity to drive innovation, from interacting with an AI enabled robot during in-store dining experiences, to gaming partnerships that resulted in 3 million KFC combo meals sales in 9 days.
  • the development of universal ID systems that can track a user’s journey as they go through a platform’s ecosystem. This includes engaging with various pieces of content, social activity, making purchases and more.  Alibaba’s Uni-Marketing model and Tencent’s Inter-Trace are two examples of these types of ID systems.

Some specific campaign examples include:

Xbox Design Labs Originals: The Fanchise Model (Grand Prix)

Noblex: All in Promo

A/R Jordan

Lego – Making The List

Even with all the advancements in technology and ways we use and access data, there needs to be impactful creative that gives the customer an affinity for the brand, and ultimately makes them want to buy one of their products or services. The above four campaigns exhibited just that, and serve as a reminder for all marketers that the goal is to first connect on a human level -- the rest will follow. 

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