Google Marketing Live Highlights


Google Marketing Live Highlights

Digitas NY Search Team

"Advertising that works for everyone" was the guiding ethos behind the 2018 Google Marketing Live presentation. Machine learning was again at the core of Tuesday's event, aimed at driving improved results and simpler experiences for small businesses and enterprise-class advertisers alike.

New campaigns and ad formats, streamlined tools and new features underscore the big announcement.

"Better Results"
During this year's Marketing Live keynote speech, Google emphasized their focus on driving better marketing results for businesses. This year they aim to do that through new full funnel ad formats on YouTube, machine learning-powered responsive search ads (RSAs) and a push to improve mobile ad experience.

✦ New YouTube Ad Formats: Three different "objective focused" formats for TrueView ads were announced: TrueView for Reach (primarily for awareness), TrueView for Action (aimed at driving conversions) both currently in beta. And Maximize Lift Bidding, coming later this year, will automatically adjust bids to improve brand consideration.
✦ Mobile Loading Speed: Answering the call of many advertisers, Google has created a Mobile Landing Page Speed Score. This 1-10 score will highlight areas that provide a fast and effective user experience, and flag areas of improvement.
✦ Machine Learning in Search Ads: Responsive Search Ads, already tested by many advertisers, automatically creates new ads based on inputs you provide to create the best ad experience. Even better, this format allows for up to 90% more text, giving you larger ads that capture more search page real estate.

View of Responsive Search Ads


"Simpler Experiences"
Today's announcements also covered a variety of new campaign formats aimed at making going to market more accessible for a variety of businesses.
✦ Easy-To-Launch Campaigns – "Smart Campaigns", ideal for small businesses and rookie advertisers, can be set up in minutes. This new campaign type can seamlessly create everything, from targeting all the way to the landing page.
✦ Grow with Google – A variety of training courses offered to small businesses to educate them on Google Ads and related products for business development.

Grow with Google at Google Marketing Live

✦ Automated Product Feeds for Shopping – A key announcement for ecommerce advertisers that have the need to simplify feed management. Automated feeds identify products and inventory, eliminating the need for complicated maintenance and upkeep.
✦ Smart Shopping Campaigns – New dynamic remarketing features, ease of management, and newly added goals (such as in store visits and new customer acquisitions) can now be had in one platform through new integrations with companies such as Shopify.
✦ Local Campaigns – This new campaign type for small businesses works with your "Google My Business" page, provides simplified setup, and is intended to increase physical store visits.
✦ Hotel Campaigns – This recently announced solution for Hotel advertisers highlighted feature benefits such as simplifying management of large hotel groups, improved bidding and greater customer reach.

"Stronger Collaboration"
Within today's announcement, Google also shared their vision for how they plan to integrate their suite of products into a centralized hub approach that promotes greater team collaboration.
✦ Google Marketing Platform (GMP) – While retiring the brand, but repositioning its capabilities, DoubleClick and Analytics products are being consolidated into the new GMP suite. The ultimate goal here is to improve collaboration with enterprise marketing teams.

Google Marketing Platform

✦ Display & Video 360 – An integrated platform that will allow marketers to manage programmatic campaigns across display, video, audio, and TV, all in one place.
✦ Google's New Integration Center – This announcement showcased a central portal which connects different Google products and third party tools, allowing for improved cross-device retargeting and measurement.
✦ Google's Measurement Partners – A now formal announcement that brings together 23 new and existing third party companies across areas like viewability, brand lift, and brand safety (such as IAS, Nielsen).

What does this mean for Advertisers?
The rebranding of "Google Ads" and the launch of the "Google Marketing Platform" give us a glimpse into the future – simple and integrated. This series of updates aims to make it easier for smaller advertisers to take advantage of proven marketing products, while allowing for enterprises to be nimble through new collaborative functionality. We are seeing the "stack" of Google products now become a singular solution.
Both brands and advertisers will find benefits from the streamlined platform solutions. Advantages include improved campaign management and easier measurement and analysis. Additional campaign types and ad features now give brands the ability to use existing channels like YouTube for a variety of business goals and tap into machine learning to autonomously reach the most qualified customers.
We recommend testing into these new opportunities and encourage large teams to begin tapping into the latest tools and innovations coming out of today's announcement.

Reporting by Brian Park, Jennifer Suzukawa-Tseng, Pavel Dziabkin, Tara Lyons, Ned DuPont, Tiffany Ng, Jose Navarro, Shaun Lanza, Robert Knapp, John Gibson of the Digitas NY Search Team