Trends Worth Tracking: Smaller Steps Toward a Bigger Outcome


Trends Worth Tracking: Smaller Steps Toward a Bigger Outcome

Grace Chapman

The Truth

2019 means New Year New You, right? Well, if you are already saying that 2020 will be your year don’t worry, you aren’t alone. 80% of resolutions fail within the first few weeks of the year. Luckily, consumers today have access to plenty of resources, and brands have the exciting opportunity to go on this journey with consumers by offering products or services that can help customers stay on track with their goals throughout the year. As the New Year unfolds, apps and bite-sized content will be critical in making 2019 the year of keeping resolutions, not just making them.

The Connection

Diet & Exercise

  • Diet & exercise continue to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds in the month of January--consumers are looking to reach their health goals in bite-sized (pun intended), habit-forming ways rather than hitting the ground running (literally).
  • Since the introduction of fitness apps in 2016, search interest in the product has increased 3% and interest in nutrition apps increased 14%. 2018 was the first year where interest remained stable during all four quarters, demonstrating this shift from a big burst in January to year-round improvements.
  • Brands can keep their strategy in tip-top shape by leveraging personalized content & apps that offer easy scheduling, quick workouts/advice, as well as the ability to stream workouts so you never have to miss a day.


  • For most, the holiday season means a full social calendar but empty wallets. Due to convenience, ease of access, and instantaneous purchasing (thanks to 1-click shopping), 84% of people are shopping for something at any given moment, which can wreak havoc on financial planning.
  • Financial resolutions are among the most prevalent each year, with 32% of consumers reporting intentions to achieve a combination of saving more, spending less, and/or decreasing debt in 2019, up 19% YoY.
  • Brands are beginning to incorporate financial tools, including websites or mobile apps, that offer personalized budget tracking and portfolio management through the strategic use of push notifications, weekly summary emails, and app-generated tips and tricks.


  • Say “Hola” to learning a new language or skill this year. With more access than ever to learning opportunities, 26% of people report looking to learn something new this year, a lift of 18% YoY.
  • The rise of educational mobile apps is expediting access to learning, as app usage now accounts for over 88% of consumers' mobile time.
  • Education companies such as Duolingo and Codecademy have tailored their offerings to allow consumers to reach their learning goals on-the-go through 5 minute games and quizzes. 

Alcohol/ Dryuary & Sober October

  • Dryuary is in full swing and interest in Alcohol is down 37% from December.
  • Of the people who participated in the Statistica Study of Top Resolutions for 2019, 15% resolved to drink less alcohol in the new year. This decline in alcohol consumption challenges Alcohol & Spirits brands to shift messaging from a party-focused 2019 to increased focus on drinking responsibly.
  • Based on 2017-2018 Google Trends data, search interest for the term “Alcohol” rebounded after January, leading up to some major increases in alcohol demand for holidays, such as Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. Cheers to That!

The Wonder

2019 means new beginnings; however, less people are searching for New Year’s resolutions (down 10% from 2018), likely due to the previously failed attempts at lofty goals. This shift from big life changes to building small habits means big changes for businesses built around personal growth. Brands are now on this personal journey with their consumers, from in-app notifications and check-ins, to acting as a content resource throughout the year. This year isn’t about resolutions -- it’s about solutions.


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