What’s Trending in Summer Culinary


What’s Trending in Summer Culinary

Jennifer Suzukawa-Tseng

What’s Trending in Summer Culinary

Summer is in full swing, and so are the food and drinks people are seeking out for the warmer than ever weather. In June 2018 alone, several countries on at least four continents saw record-breaking temperatures and what trended last year, sorry champagne popsicles, (a 70% drop YoY in search volume), is not in the cards for summer 2018.

Digitas took its approach of “Truth. Connection. Wonder.” and dove into online search interest to uncover in-season sips and bites, so brands are one-step ahead of the game. Read on for our top summer food and drink predictions.

The Connection

#1: Sparkling Water

- Sparkling water is essentially carbonated water that’s infused with fruity flavors. It’s a great bubbly kick for hot summer days.

- You’ll be in good company sipping this beverage, seeing that search interest in this trending drink increased 59% YoY.

- From tangy grapefruit to tropical pineapple, there is a sparkling water flavor to delight any taste buds.

#2: Kombucha (kom-boo-chə)

- Though Kombucha has a long history as a health drink, the resurgence of health consciousness, home brews, and interest from big companies such as Coors Brewing Company and Pepsi Co, are helping to fuel the rising popularity of this unique tea.

- Online search interest YoY has jumped 38% even after emerging as a popular beverage in early 2017.

- Given the nature of fermented products, some homemade variations can have up to 2.4% ABV. Perhaps not best to drink this tea before operating heavy machinery.

#3: Rosé

- Whether it’s Pinknic, Rosé Mansion, or a rosé boat cruise, if it has rosé and is pink, it has the makings to be an influencer haven. #Roséallday

- The sparkling rosé trend is on the rise; increasing +34% YoY - who doesn’t like bubbles on a hot summer day?

- Stock up for rosé season (aka summer) and say goodbye to trips to the liquor store, as wine delivery services are making rosé an online commodity. Rosé makes a great gift too, reaching its peak on Google Shopping in December 2017, growing 60% YoY.

#4 Lettuce Tacos

- If you’re ditching carbs in preparation for the beach but desire delicious tacos, lettuce taco ‘bout a guilt-free solution! Lettuce tacos replace the traditional tortilla shell with a lettuce leaf while containing the same taco goodness inside.

- Lettuce taco search trends grew 31% YoY and are expected to continue to rise.

- When preparing lettuce tacos yourself, look for lettuce leaves that are large and sturdy, such as iceberg or baby romaine.

Two-way Tie for #5:


- Matcha is powdered green tea filled with antioxidants that help boost your metabolism and provide anti-aging benefits.

- Matcha madness has been going on for the past few years and search interest has spiked 23% YoY.

- Moving on from the matcha shots fad, matcha has taken on other forms, serving as an ice cream flavor and even an additive to beauty products. Who knows where we’ll see it pop up next.


- Poke originates from Hawaii and translates to “slice” or “cut”. A typical poke bowl consists of a rice base, a protein, such as raw ahi tuna, a wide range of vegetables and dressing.

- Demand for Poke continues to gain traction as searches for poke salad increased 23% YoY.

- The customizable nature of poke bowls is an appealing experience for foodies, as they can build their own individual combinations of ingredients.

The Wonder

More and more people are skipping the stove this summer, (it’s warm enough out there), as nearly all of the hottest summer food and beverage trends are enjoyed cold and require minimal heat to prepare. It’s no surprise considering the record high temperatures sweeping the country.

Next issue, we will be cooking up the latest trends in top destinations to say farewell to summer and hello to crisp, fall.


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Jennifer Suzukawa-Tseng

Jennifer Suzukawa-Tseng

Senior Analyst, Programmatic


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