DigitasLBi And Audi Join Forces In Fight Against Banner Blindness

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Consumer banner blindness is a big challenge for brands. To increase the attention value of online bannering, DigitasLBi is introducing its latest innovation: 3D banners.

The first results are promising, says Nathan Coppens, Director Innovations at DigitasLBi: ‘We tested a 3D banner in an A/B test against a comparable 2D set. After a week, and with the same amount of impressions, the User Interaction Rare for the 3D banner was 20%, whereas the 2D banner stopped at 4%. In relation to Audi, focus is always on progress through technology. After the Audi A4 VR Experience, we created the next impactful innovation for a classic and static medium.’

DigitasLBi has, together with Mr. Ynk and Weborama, developed a banner campaign that makes 3D animation possible through the use of WebGL. The campaign ¬− for Audi Factory Wheel Sets − was rolled out on sites such as nu.nl and telegraaf.nl. The technology behind the banners and design that comes with it, invite the user to interact with them, and at the same time fights banner blindness.

How? By giving standard IAB-banners (rectangles, skyscrapers) interactive behavior that is connected directly to input of the user, making them pop out significantly. The 3D model is dynamic and the focal point reacts to scrolling and cursor movement, as invented by Mr. Ynk and DigitasLBi.

Apart from that the user can interact with the wheel sets within the banner, by individually changing, selecting and placing them. These elements are also dynamic and linked to scrolling and cursor movement. Coppens says: ‘We see that people are moving their mouse and cursor twice as long over the banner, and thus are engaging with the brand. Due to the striking design and the intuitive controls, the engagement is notably higher compared to regular banners.’

Stefan van Caldenberg of Audi Nederland says: ‘Progress through technology and the search for innovation is in our blood. That’s why we see the implementation of this new 3D banner design as a logical step to enhance the performance of online display campaigns. The proposal of DigitasLBi to employ it for this campaign was a natural thing to do for us, resulting in an interesting, useful case to see if KPI’s like engagement and clicks, but also the behavior on the landing page, are better than with the usual 2D banners.’

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