It’s All About the Hands For Max Greenfield and Buick

Detroit, MI, United States

– Max Greenfield, from the hit show New Girl, stars in the latest work we’ve created for Buick.

– In this series, Max shares how his experiences as an actor are very, very similar to the innovative features Buick offers drivers. 

– The first set of spots features the First-Ever Buick Envision.

– Following the success of the well-received Ellie Kemper “Imagine Yourself” ads for the Cascada convertible, Buick continues to highlight its new tone and strategy to create entertaining and engaging ads for the Envision.

– The new spots continues to tell folks what more they can expect from Buick; a fresh, fun and approachable modern take on luxury.

– Later this summer, Max will once again star in another set of ads which will feature the all-new Buick LaCrosse.

Check out all the new Envision spots below:

Credits: Patrick McHugh, Michael Walsh, Jason Ziehm, Agnieszka Palarz, Brian McCallum, Yanlin Sun, Pony Show Entertainment, Peter Berg, Whitehouse Post and Heidi Black