JennAir Returns to AD Design Show with New Campaign Work Featured

New York, New York

JennAir, Whirlpool’s luxury brand, has launched two new films for its “Bound By Nothing” campaign. The spots, created by Digitas and MSL as a Publicis Power of One Solution called Darkhorse, will be shown at the Architectural Digest Design Show (ADDS) in NYC on March 21.

The two new films, “Mannequin” and “Duet”, are visual representations of JennAir’s emphatic desire to drive progress in the category and break expectations around the meaning of luxury.

In “Mannequin”, the heroine steps into a world marked by old luxury’s plasticity – alluding to the competition’s plastic craftsmanship. She rejects this strange indoctrination and traverses into a new world. “Duet” introduces two new designs, RISE™ and NOIR™, that depart from the kitchen category’s stainless-steel sameness. Characters in the film dance to a rigid waltz, going through the same old motions: the moves they have been programmed to perform. Two dancers reject the routine and move defiantly towards progress.

The spots will appear across digital and out-of-home advertising, including Hulu, NCM (in movie theaters), Programmatic, YouTube, on social channels, influencer engagement, and through a partnership with VICE.  

The films are a continuation of the narrative expressed in last year’s Anthem video.

JennAir, Bound By Nothing

JennAir, established in 1947, had an early legacy in innovation, and always sought to break boundaries and lead the luxury kitchen appliance industry forward. However, the brand fell out of favor in recent decades, as brands like Sub Zero and Wolf became the de facto choice for affluent homeowners: a “programmed” staple of luxury living space design.

In 2018, JennAir embarked on a mission to overhaul the brand, with a new logo, 200+ new products, an edgy booth experience at ADDS, and more. The campaign helped convert high-end builders to JennAir, as well as attract new audiences, signaling that JennAir was disrupting the category and reigniting passion for their brand. 

“JennAir flipped the luxury appliance category on its head last year with the launch of its new brand ethos, Bound By Nothing ™, brought to life through a complete brand and product relaunch,” said Jon Hall, brand and product marketing director, JennAir. “Armed with 200+ new products across two new distinct design expressions, RISE™ and NOIR™, we are slashing through the stale world of old luxury and ushering in a new era of limitless luxury, designed to serve our high-end kitchen designers. In our latest act of defiance in the name of fearless progress, our two new films, Mannequin and Duet, encourage forward movement in the luxury appliance category while dethroning the stale mindset of the old guard.” 

“Bound By Nothing champions progressive design and challenges our blind allegiance to luxury norms. The brands we slavishly adopt, all the conventional followership,” says Atit Shah, Chief Creative Officer, Digitas North America. “In Mannequin, we escape an unsettling world of plastic smiles, plastic rituals, and yes, our competitors’ plastic craftsmanship. And in Duet, we coronate two new designs, RISE™ and NOIR™, that depart from the kitchen category’s stainless-steel sameness. In all the connected experiences and stories we are creating for JennAir, we are not using an appliance language of rational comparison and incrementalism… we want to position the brand as defiantly different.”

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