NS and NS International Continue With DigitasLBi Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

NS and NS International decided, after an extensive European procurement, to continue working with DigitasLBi Amsterdam for a contract phase of a minimum of three years. DigitasLBi Amsterdam has been their strategic partner ever since 2005 in continuously helping them improve their online services.

NS transports around 600.000 train travellers on a daily basis. An optimal accessibility to travel information, customer services and the offering of products and services form the most important pillars of the online strategy.

In this, NS focuses purely on their customers by offering a relevant and current door-to-door service fully available on one integrated platform. By adding their personal service for both home and on the way they remain the most attractive alternative transportation in The Netherlands.

In December 2015 the first phase of NS.nl ‘nieuwe stijl’ went live. This phase signified an optimization of the travel-planner, new content and making their services available to all devices. Fresh and clear, without losing the recognizable style NS is known for. The new style will be implemented to all digital channels. Also on NSInternational.nl. After going live the development continues to further improve the user experience. This is done based on insights gathered from web analytics and qualitative feedback tools.

A strong and sound foundation had been set to realize the online ambitions of NS. The following phase of the roadmap will be dominated by realizing the door-to-door proposition, the smart use of data en the seamless interaction between their on and offline channels. That way they can improve their client satisfaction rate even more and stimulate the online sale of their entire collection NS products and services.

“We are very proud that NS again chose to trust us so our years of working together remains intact. We will build on the realization of their Omni-channel ambitions to increase the likeability of this fine brand.”
Roel Faulhaber, Creative Director DigitasLBi Amsterdam.

A strong and sound foundation had been set to realize the online ambitions of NS.

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