DigitasLBi partners with TEACH.org and The Ad Council to prove “Teachers Have Better Work Stories”


PSA campaign to combat the national shortage of teachers

- Today America faces a shortage of 60,000 teachers – a number that’s expected to grow to 110,000 by 2021. Only 9% of the top one-third of college graduates pursue a career in teaching.

- In an effort to raise awareness for the national teaching crisis, TEACH.org partnered with DigitasLBi and the Ad Council to create “Teachers Have Better Work Stories,” a public service campaign that demonstrates the benefits of teaching through storytelling.

- The campaign targets high-achieving high school and college students to positively change the perception of education as a career.

- DigitasLBi developed creative in the form of TV, radio, digital, social, print and OOH.

- The campaign features intellectually stimulating and inspiring stories of teachers from a usual day on the job juxtaposed by mundane daily recaps from peers in desk jobs – the difference speaks volumes.

- There are two spots – “Victory” and “Camping” – which detail teachers responding to the common question: How was work today? The responses are far from ordinary and things get wonderfully weird as they recap success stories of students and lesson plans.

- The campaign shows that teaching is not what many envision it to be. It is a collaborative, creative and fulfilling career path worth exploring.

- Media partners for this campaign include Facebook, LinkedIn, BET Networks and Blavity.

- The campaign launches on August 29, 2017, and will run through 2018.

 “The truth we wanted bring to life with this campaign is that more than a big-name company to work for, more than a cool title, sometimes even more than money, high performing graduates want a story-worthy job. One that provides the creativity and leadership moments that give you stuff to talk about with friends over dinner. This is where teaching can really shine, unlike many entry-level jobs that sound impressive on paper but often involve a lot of repetition and coffee runs,” said Atit Shah, EVP/Head of New Brand Experiences for North America, Executive Creative Director for New York & Atlanta at DigitasLBi.

“Not only is teaching an exciting job, it’s an important one. We know this work will help the next generation of college students see just how creative, innovative, and fulfilling the teaching profession can be,” said Lisa Sherman, Ad Council, President and CEO.

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