World’s First VR Shopping Experience For OnePlus By DigitasLBi

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

On may 14th 2016 international tech start-up OnePlus launched their flagship smartphone in a very unique way. They did it in Virtual Reality. Responsible for this groundbreaking use of Virtual Reality were different creative and technology professionals of DigitasLBi. They worked together with technical partner Moyosa.

The Loop, is what this never-seen-before VR-experience is called. For it loops an infinite flow of animations located on a virtual spaceship. Within this environment users can discover all the trademarks and features OnePlus 3 has to offer. Within the first two-and-a-half hours after going live, OnePlus 3 could only be ordered within The Loop Android App to then be delivered in the ‘real world’. During this exclusive and unique chance, OnePlus 3 was sold many times over with a conversion rate of no less than 12%. Furthermore, visitors spend around a whopping 17 minutes within the Loop-experience. After 24 hours, there were 58.000 unique downloads.

‘In order to develop the most realistic and immersive experience we combined the best VR talents with innovative technologies like CGI, Stereoscopic 3D. 360 video and custom-made VR-playback-engines’, says Dirk Van de Bosch, Managing Director DigitasLBi Amsterdam.

‘Last year OnePlus organized the very first launch in Virtual Reality. The Loop takes it all a big step further’, says Carl Pei, co-founder and Head of Global of OnePlus. ‘It’s the world’s first VR shopping experience’.

After the exclusive availability on July 14th 2016 in the Android App store The Loop is now also available for downloading in the App Store.

"It’s the world’s first VR shopping experience."