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Do you have any questions about the many possibilities of Apple ARKit, ARCore, Google TANGO or other anything else concerning augmented reality? Contact our Innovation Director Nathan Coppens via or +31 6 27 01 50 12.


What is augmented reality?
To understand what augmented reality is, let’s just have a look at the words. We all know about reality, it’s the augmented part that might raise some questions.
Augmented simply means to enlarge, to add to. And within augmented reality, this is exactly what occurs. You enlarge reality by adding a digital layer of information.
This information can vary from purely useful to downright amazing. And as one of the leading AR companies worldwide, we try to focus primarily on the amazing part.

How to experience AR
All you need to experience augmented reality examples first-hand is a smartphone. And with numbers rising to about 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, chances are you have one. So, with that wonderful piece of tech in your hand, you’re ready for AR.
That’s probably why AR will reach critical mass before VR. This is not because you have a lesser impact with VR. On the contrary, VR is immersive and takes you into another sphere of reality. But the ease of use and the effortless accessibility of AR grants its leeway on reaching critical mass. And with critical mass, we mean a high volume of users and a versatile usage of AR tech.

What’s next in AR
Currently, with the Apple ARKit and ARCore getting lots of traction, we are very excited about what’s next in AR and how we can use it to create amazing AR experiences for our clients. This new AR software and hardware are breaking the world of AR wide open, using it not merely as an extra digital layer in front of reality but by making the digital addition interact with reality. Making it part of the world.
And as we are an augmented reality company that is smack in the middle of such innovations, we are already creating work leveraging these new AR applications.

Your expert in AR services and AR marketing
Whatever you need in AR services is, we can provide in full. We see AR productions as a versatile technology applicable to all brands and companies that want a little extra to service their target audience or existing clients. Our goal is to use new technologies like the Apple ARKit, ARCore and Google Tango and make them available to everyone. Besides creating amazing experiences, we are also focusing on creating experiences with social relevance or that add something significant to human needs. This technology, much like VR, is too interesting and promising to only use as a one-off yet valuable parlor trick. At least, that’s what we believe.



We did the AR-development for an app that the true grit festival-goer cannot do without. It’s called WOOV.
This AR-generated app enables you to find your friends easy and fast. Because who wants to waste valuable band or music time searching for your ever-elusive friends? Furthermore, there is a calendar to see when and where the festivals you want to go to are held. You can search via city, band or venue. We also added an interactive timetable per festival. Who is playing now or later? And last but certainly not least, how about meeting the (festival) love of your life? That too is part of the app.

Everything you need in the palm of your hand. That is WOOV. This AR app is one of those precious ones that actually fulfills a need with the target audience.

Download the app for Android and iOS.

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Like what you see?

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