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Alpen Gold

The Alpen Gold Dark Joy Meter


How to reach out to adults when you are just a chocolate bar


We were challenged to drive consideration of Alpen Gold Dark among the most inactive digital ads consumer – the 35+ audience, and build market share.


During our research we found that the 35+ audience rates small daily pleasant activities in line with eating chocolate — as something that brings joy. Therefore, the amount of joy can be measured by both dark chocolate and pleasuring moments.


After analyzing the audience and what they are keen on, we decided to integrate into their specific digital routine with videos, personalized according to their interests. We created various digital assets that led to the Alpen Gold Dark Joy Meter website, where users could compare the joy they get from small daily things to the joy they get from eating dark chocolate.

On the website, they saw a virtual Alpen Gold Dark chocolate bar made of hundreds of individual chocolate squares. Under each piece, they could find either a product description, a joyful funny fact, or win a small digital prize. Within a short period of time, we had so many visitors that we had to double the size of the digital chocolate bar. And finally we had to triple it.


The Alpen Gold Dark Joy Meter campaign overachieved all KPIs and brought outstanding business results.