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Via BrandLIVE we successfully boosted Centraal Beheer’s presence on social media.


W3 Awards Gold 2015: Social Media Influence

The Best Social Media Award 2015: Beste Inhaker

The Best Social Media Nomination 2016: Best Design

Client need
Centraal Beheer, known for their amazing Even Apeldoorn bellen-commercials, found it exceedingly difficult to connect to their target-audience on a more personal and constant basis. And seeing that most media-consumption happens online, Centraal Beheer asked us to give their social media presence a much-needed boost. We gave them BrandLIVE.

Our idea
We jettisoned Centraal Beheer into the social media sphere like a rocket on a mission. They were immediately in the middle of it, leading the conversation, sparking and fuelling it day in day out.

BrandLIVE, where real-time content creation, strategy and creativity flourish in the quickness of an inspired newsroom, made that possible. By monitoring social media and acting with swift accuracy, we gave Centraal Beheer a voice on social media resonating not only with their target-audience, but with many many others as well.

The results surpassed all expectations. Reach per post increased with a whopping 400%. Over 7 million impressions were generated and there were about 700.000 interactions. The Facebook engagement rate hit the 11% mark, which is way above the regular benchmark.

The content has been featured everywhere and even made the RTL4 News.

W3 Awards (2015) – Gold in ‘Social Media Influence’ • The Best Social Media Award (2015) - ‘Beste Inhaker’  • The Best Social Media nomination (2016) ‘Best Design’

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