Fleurametz Mobile App


The FleuraMetz App: user centric, easy, fast

Client Need
FleuraMetz, one of the largest B2B distributors of flowers, plants and accessories, saw a need for a mobile app to keep up to speed with the competition. So they asked us to come up with an app that had to be fast, easy to use and optimized to the wishes of their clients.

Our Solution
We developed a native app for iOS and Android that’s available in more than 10 languages. Before we started, we conducted a thorough client research, making sure all their needs would be addressed. The app makes the complex character of the trade in flowers and plants insightful and clear. Using smart filters and fluent navigation, all of the 100.000 interchangeable products can be bought in just three clicks.

The app went live in July 2017. The UX design is thoroughly thought through and offers a superior experience compared to some other suppliers. Even non-digital clients in the flower industry, are able to work with the app: I’ve had a client telling me that he, as a self-proclaimed digital illiterate, enjoyed using it.’