Video Play


Horizon Zero Dawn


To launch PlayStation’s new video game, Horizon Zero Dawn, we created larger than life replicas of its characters and released them into the wild.

In a world of loyal gamers, it’s difficult for new video games to break into the market of established franchises and sequels. For the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn, Playstation knew it had to make a splash to compete. 

To get fans hooked, we immersed them in the game’s dangerous new world by invading theirs. We recreated larger than life replicas of machines from the game and unleashed them at the world’s biggest gaming conventions. At 8 feet tall and 13 feet long, the animatronic replicas walked and talked just like “Watchers” from Horizon Zero Dawn, interacting with gamers just like they would on the screen.

But it didn’t stop there – we used the Watchers to generate scripted and reality-based content throughout the 11-month build-up to the launch. The campaign reached 151 million people, increased social mentions by 1,000% and earned $3.16 million in media value.