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Mahou San Miguel

Pending Beers Study by Mahou


In Spain we say “we have to meet up for a beer” but many “beer promises” end up broken. We wanted to demonstrate this, and fix it through Twitter data.

Our objective was to communicate this insight as a teaser to the campaign, targeting a beer-loving audience whilst creating press buzz and engagement on social media. Twitter was the ideal channel for this.

We performed a study analysing 3 years worth of Twitter conversation data, over 3 million tweets in 4 languages in Spain (Spanish, Catalan, Galego, Basque), with 200 search criteria relating to getting together to have a beer..

The analysis provided us with 180,000 mentions from 147,000 Twitter users. 44,000 of those tweets were geolocated  and were used to create the study about pending beers in Spain. We used the results to invite Twitter users to get together for those beers they had missed, with great results!