ŠKODA RouteTour


ŠKODA RouteTour: A Smart Tool For All Cycling Enthusiasts. 

Client Need
ŠKODA has a strong connection with cycling: the carmaker started out as a bicycle manufacturer and is a long-standing sponsor of the Tour de France. But they also wanted to reach out to the so-called Saturday riders: enthusiasts who ride during the weekends with a steady group of friends.

Our Idea
Together with Selmore, we developed ŠKODA RouteTour. This tool creates tailor-made cycling routes by analyzing personal data from cycling app Strava and combines this with Google Maps and Facebook messenger. Taking into account factors like average distance and altitude change, ŠKODA RouteTour generates routes that fit the user perfectly, making their ‘usual route’ brand new every time they ride. And it uses real-time data offering insight into traffic, weather and more.

The Result
ŠKODA RouteTour was released on the day of the Amstel Gold Race, one of the most important Dutch cycling races of the year. Since then, the tool has more than 20.000 active users and is being updated constantly to make sure it performs at its best. In the words of ŠKODA, it’s simply clever.