Associate, Strategy - New York Intern


Strategy Generalis

    Then your day to day could include:

    • Using data-supported insights to design strategies that put the consumer at the center
    • Applying psychology, anthropology and behavioral economics principles to solve complex marketing challenges
    • Designing communications strategies to bring modern media architectures to life
    • Working collaboratively with other capabilities, including Data & Analysis, Media and Creative, to work out solutions for clients
    • Briefing creative teams for a range of assignments within the agency
    • Researching, both qualitatively and quantitatively to influence major project directions and decisions
    • Studying the consumer’s environment in order to define the experience a brand needs to provide people and what problem it will solve for them
    • Tracking the activities of brands and understanding the competitive landscape
    • Keeping teams abreast of pop culture and trends and the implications they have on our brands and businesses
    • Being an indispensable source of information, insight and inspiration in the creative process to enhance the work
    • Tapping into diverse data sources and working within tools such as Comscore, MRI, Global Web Index, and Google Analytics

     This foundation leads to opportunities focused in:

    • Becoming a thought-leader on a range of topics as it relates to brands, communications and marketing in general
    • Being a trusted adviser on how brands grow
    • Becoming an indispensable part of a brand team that develops the strategic approach behind all creative work
    • Selling clients on the value of strategic services to their business, helping them define needs and potential solutions (agency new business)


    If you describe yourself as someone who:

    • Constantly observes and questions the world around you with an insatiable curiosity for how people think, feel and behave
    • Is excited by the thought of uncovering opportunities that move our brands businesses forward
    • Stays privy to new digital platforms, social media, technologies and trends
    • Is passionate about understanding culture through mediums like podcasts, TED talks, and books, etc. (Bonus points if you’ve read books by Byron Sharp or Daniel Kahneman)
    • Interested in behavioral economics, social sciences, decision-making, cognitive biases/heuristics, psychology, etc.
    • Looks for creative ways to reframe problems into exciting new challenges
    • Isn’t afraid to have a strong POV and can present it clearly, simply and persuasively
    • Works well as part of a team, sometimes leading, sometimes following and supporting
    • A lifelong learner who is never satisfied with one’s knowledge and skills of their craft- not afraid to challenge the status quo
    • Self-motivated, eager to jump into any challenge

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