Associate, Content - New York Intern


Creative: Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Production and Content


If you love thinking outside the box, collaborating with team members and bringing head-turning ideas to life through words, visuals, and experiences, you’ll fit right in with the Creative team. This smart, diverse, and passionate group includes Art Directors, Copywriters, Designers, Producers, and Content Strategists all working to develop the best ideas and deliver results to our clients.

Your day to day could include:

  • Creating and communicating concepts that intrigue and inspire both peers and clients with smart rational to back them up
  • Designing comps, storyboards, initial graphic concepts, and final deliverables OR sharp writing skills and experience developing copy
  • Brainstorming and developing campaigns while working with clients on multiple projects
  • Collaborating with your team members: creative directors, art directors, copywriters, designers, coders, and other equally talented eccentrics to ensure that all creative aspects are in perfect synch to make the concepts as powerful and vivid and compelling as possible 
  • One concept, so many messaging mediums; Making an idea translate effectively and flawlessly across all marketing channels; television, print, digital, social and everything in between

This foundations leads to opportunities focused in:

  • Leading several client teams and wrapping your arms around all the critical details.
  • Delivering outstanding client presentations while listening and distill feedback so that we can continually deliver creative that exceeds expectations
  • Selling creative concepts internally and ultimately winning over clients
  • Helping win new business by inserting your expertise into the art of crafting pitches that leave us and our prospective clients feeling awed & inspired
  • Inspiring & motivating your creative team: You’ll galvanize them to execute large - scale, cross-channel projects that are creatively brilliant and strategically on point, on time and on budget
  • Recruiting and retaining talent: You’ll help us assemble and grow the best creative team in the business
  • Mentoring, leading and motivating a mighty, tightly-knit team of all-in Creatives - keeping them inspired to shape and reshape the future of our industry


If you describe yourself as someone who:

  • Has a portfolio full of ideas you can’t wait to share
  • Thinks visually or with words
  • Wants to have the next big idea that goes viral or is on the super bowl
  • Has a sense of humor and an open & curious mind
  • Loves to interact with brands and keep up with trends

Sobre Digitas

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