3 take-aways from Measure Camp 2017


Danny Olsen

3 take-aways from Measure Camp 2017

Last week I went to Measure Camp in London. Does this sound geeky? Yes. Is it geeky? Definitely yes!

Just to back it up a little, my name is Danny, and I work as a Senior Digital Analyst and Tag Manager responsible at Digitas Copenhagen. Enough about me? Great thanks, back to the post.

Measure Camp is a conference for all of us who work within web analytics to meet up and discuss the stuff we love:

  • Best practice approaches within analytics
  • Newest tools, and how they affect the industry
  • Horror stories from the industry (I’ll get back to that one)
  • Getting new perspectives from the client side as well as agency side

So, what will I bring back to the team and our clients from the conference? This is where it gets geeky…

Learning 1 – Google Optimize

Google Optimize has become a reality and with this segmentation gets A LOT smarter, as you can utilize your data to do things like:

  • Personalization
  • A/B Split testing
  • Collect more data into Google Analytics

Further, it also comes with recommendations, and a lot of great features revolving around individual experiences to the site. 

The tool however, works best with the Google 360 suite, as there are limitations on the free version

Learning 2 – Love, divorce and attributions models

MeasureCamp is also about reflecting on your approach and seeing things from another perspective. Tim Bush came with a comparison of attribution models and divorces; if you fight and your wife yells at you, and says that she wants a divorce, should that be attributed as the cause for divorce? Of course not, divorce comes after a long path with many factors. The same way, we should remember that any sales or goals completed are the results of a million factors affecting each individual being, in the most non-linear way imaginable.

Learning 3 – Use Jira to capture site updates in your analytics

Grant Kemp provided a unique way of viewing ordinary numbers in Google Analytics along with a bunch of tricks and tracks to get away from the ordinary numbers, and try to provide some more advanced solutions. One of my personal favorites was his way of sending Jira information to Google Analytics.

Once it was set up, it allowed people in Google Analytics to see if any major updates to their website affected their traffic and behavior of users as shown in the image below:

Never have I ever – The horror stories

As a great therapy session after Measure Camp ended, I got together with a couple of colleagues to play “Never have I ever - web analyst edition”. Some quotes are not suitable for public sharing, but the game included: Never have I ever….

  • Been frustrated with working with iFrames (All was drinking on that one).
  • Spent longer time explaining an issue to a colleague or client than actually solving it.
  • Published something on a Friday afternoon.
  • Had clients wanting to have their website fully tracked the day before they launch the new site.
  • Had the developer team HATE you because you needed to do changes to their website.
  • Not handled free beverages at events well.

Fun fact about Measure Camp - The swear jar

We work in an industry with endless buzzwords, fluffy speeches and three-letter acronyms. The same is true for Analytics. Therefore, throughout the conference you had to put money in a swear jar every time you said:

  • “Big Data” (we often work with large data sets, NOT BIG DATA)
  • “Simo says” (Simo Ahava is known for his work with Google Tag Manager)
  • “It depends” (trying to eliminate the fluff and have people say something solid)
  • Anything with “Hack”
  • Titles with “Ninja” or “Guru” in them

The money collected goes to charity – and the jar was quite full by the end of the day! 

It is always nice to meet co-nerds, I mean co-workers from other Digitas offices.


Measure Camp coming to Denmark

As a new thing this year, Denmark has set out to host a MeasureCamp. Should you be interested go to www.measurecamp.org within the next few months to find updates and more information about the next event. Don’t miss out!