A Woman's Place


Every day, gender inequities play out across professional kitchens nationwide in the form of pay disparities, harassment, and entrenched biases. Rooted in the belief that the kitchen is a place of possibility, KitchenAid, a brand built by women, set out to change that.


In partnership with Vox Media, we helped KitchenAid spotlight inequities in A Woman’s Place, a stirring documentary that gives viewers an intimate look at the culinary field through the eyes of three women—a butcher, a chef, and a restaurateur.

To go beyond raising awareness, we partnered with the James Beard Foundation to create direct impact. We created a mentorship program that provides support and resources to women and other groups who’ve historically been marginalized in the industry.

Confronting biases and barriers women face every day in the culinary industry

To promote the documentary and mentorship program, we provided in-depth coverage in top-tier placements while connecting the campaign across key channels. We used immersive video and social engagement to further elevate KitchenAid’s mission on Hulu, Vox Media/Eater, and

We debuted A Woman’s Place on Hulu during the week that Women’s Equality Day is celebrated—and featured it on Hulu’s homepage for its Women's Equality Day Collection.

We also promoted #culinaryequality on social media, inviting users to highlight women in the culinary industry deserving of more recognition, and enlisted six industry insiders to provide their perspective on culinary gender inequality through branded creative assets and experiential storytelling.

“I got the sense that everyone was trying to scare me away, and all that did was push me to want it more…”
Etana Diaz Butcher
“I think grit and tenacity can be in all shapes, forms and sizes.”
Karyn Tomlinson Chef and Restaurant Owner
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