Nike Wechat Mini Program


Nike WeChat Mini Program for Loyalty and Ecommerce


Nike China decided to leverage the power of WeChat to connect with their consumers more closely and personally by offering a full range of services through a WeChat Mini Program.


In China, most people use WeChat for nearly everything they do. From filing a divorce application to buying a car. The level of connected services and payment is truly amazing. Users now expect loyalty and customization to be standard as part of their experience, rather than having to switch around through a mixture of applications and websites.


In direct partnership with Nike, our team joined forces with their Shanghai design studio to design and produce the perfect WeChat Mini Program solution.

The combined multi-disciplinary team consisted of project managers, copywriters, UX & UI specialists and designers. Agile development was used and, in every sprint, the team planned, designed and iterated together to incorporate new requests and changes from business, technology and other key Nike departments.

The Mini Program offers Nike’s consumers a full range of products and services including unlocks to exclusive products and events, member pass, store, expert on demand, store locator and a huge range of other amazing features. All personalized, all at the touch of a button and all fully embedded into the WeChat environment. 


MVP version was launched on the September 18th 2018.

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Like what you see?

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