Chinese New Year 2020


How to stand out in an over-crowded market during New Year in China.


Chinese people see red as a symbol of good luck. Therefore, Oreo created the first ever ‘RED OREO COOKIE’ for China, with the ‘fireworks’ in the cream of the cookies, and Chinese good wishes on the package designs. It became a truly ‘lucky’ cookie for Chinese and exploded on social media upon its launch. It was the trendiest thing to ‘get RED OREO and get good luck in your new year’.

But how could we promote the new RED cookie on digital channels in a way which resonated with many different types of audiences?


An omni-channel campaign, centered around ‘RED OREO’ made Oreo the most desired product by Chinese consumers upon its launch in Dec 2019. 5weeks of continuous TV, OTV and OTT, told the story of ‘I want RED (OREO) in the New Year’ via a 15 second advert.

P@S digital banners supplemented the reach – it was the first time for us to fully connect media and eCommerce data, leveraging AI to produce 1520 banner assets (VISUAL AND SUPER ONLY: to ‘be red’ in different time period, occasions, deliver different ‘red’ related wishes to different people) and use real-time dynamic creative optimization, resulting in higher media efficiency.

A separate digital 5sec film communicated the product LTO on mobile targeting young consumers. 3 playful ‘OREO TURNS RED’ GIFs activated playfully on an occasion themed basis. Lots of social seeding and KOL recommendations helped gain traffic.

We drove all traffic to the Mondelēz Tmall Flagship Store, which also acted as the single ‘campaign site’. Consumers could experience ‘Ask Oreo to be RED for you’ and get customized ‘New Year luck’ sent by Oreo, all powered by Ali ‘voice recognition’ technology. 

78% of consumers went on to browse the products in the flagship store after landing, which was an incredibly high conversion rate.

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