SK-II - The Art of Travel


SK-II Location Gift Set AR promotion in Thailand


When launching their 3rd set of six amazing product packages, with Art by Yuko Shimizu, SK-II chose Thailand as a key location for their on-ground activation. Our task was how to bring the amazing box art to life in an engaging and interactive way to appeal to Asian travelers.


Great box art is a wonderful gift, but Chinese female travelers are looking for more of an experience. They are a generation who step off the beaten path and want to do something a little bit more unique. They are not attracted simply by great visuals, they are keen to engage with brands.


We decided to literally bring the box art to life using animation and sound. Each box told a different story. In Thailand we went a step further and created an Augmented Reality experience where consumers could interact and keep a selfie type photo generated by our technology. SK-II gave consumers the perfect travel memento.


Via AR technology, we successfully turned the physical box into one engaging experience and made SK-II LGS the unique travel gift for all travelers in Thailand. We hope via our activation, SK-II and SK-II LGS could become the best memento for all travelers in Thailand and find out their unique charm and vitality. 

By reliving the box illustration journey, we believe users will understand better about what is the real beauty of SK-II’s “Art of Travel” LGS box and how the box and SK-II products are your ideal travel companion.

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Like what you see?

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