What do people really think about unattended retail?


What do people really think about unattended retail?

Ed Beard

We worked with our mates at online research community OnePulse, to find out what people really think about the concept of unattended retail where registered shoppers simply walk into a shop, pick up whatever they want and leave. 

We ran an online survey with 1,000 people, 41.7% women and 58.3% men aged between 16 and 70 years old across the UK. 

Our questions focused on what people currently find annoying about supermarkets, what they’re biggest fears are around unattended retail, and whether they were likely to embrace the concept.

Here are the results:

What do people really think of unattended retail?


You can download the infographic here.

OnePulse is a research startup based in bustling London Bridge. They pride themselves in giving brands and businesses the opportunity to gather consumer opinion in real-time and on demand. The OnePulse app incentivises smartphone owners to answer micro-surveys, giving their honest answers in minutes. 

Ed Beard

Ed Beard

Strategy Partner, CRM

Ed is recognised as one of the leading strategic thinkers in customer engagement and experience. Being a one-time client and BBC World journalist, Ed has a rich and varied background that enables him to find innovative solutions to clients’ challenges. Ed became our Strategy Partner, CRM in 2015 and is instrumental in generating insight about people’s relationships with brands and bringing value to businesses and their customers such as HSBC, E.ON and AstraZeneca.


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