James Whatley to join Digitas as Strategy Partner


Digitas appoints James Whatleyas Strategy Partner.

Reporting to CSO Matthew Holt, who himself joined last month, Whatley joins the team from February and will be responsible for mobile strategy and championing the mobile agenda within the agency, working closely with the product and technology teams.

Whatley brings with him a wealth of experience across integrated brand strategy innovation, technology, and social platforms having worked alongside a raft of clients including IBM, Land Rover, Converse and, most recently, International Airlines Group brand LEVEL.  

The move follows the recent news of the newly formed executive team at Digitas under CEO Dani Bassil, which includes Matt Holt, CSO, Emma De La Fosse, CCO, Gregor McQuattie, MD and Rafe Blanford, CPO.

Matt Holt, CSO at Digitas UK, said: “I’m delighted James has decided to join us. He is smart, talented and curious and possesses a natural ability to connect the dots. While there is a deep heritage in brand, digital strategy and customer experience here, James will bring a different dimension to the team that I’m sure will benefit our clients in many ways.”

James Whatley said: “I am so excited about this. The stars have aligned perfectly and the timing couldn’t be better.  Matt is just great and I can’t wait to work with him again, however, the most exciting thing for me is being part of the wider Digitas family. Dani is amazing and it was her and Matt’s vision for the future that made me realise Digitas was the only way forward for me; I can’t wait to get started.”