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Honda Europe

HR-V Perfect Fit


Directly inspired by the design of the HR-V itself, the Perfect Fit Garage campaign showcases the fact that ingenious design leads to remarkable results.

The new HR-V was the biggest launch for Honda Motor Europe in 2015.

Since the average new car buying process is three months, and the HR-V's showroom arrival was set for September, we needed to prime our audience of young families during their summer break in channels they'd already be using.

Our four-week integrated digital campaign celebrated the design of the HR-V.

Films portraying the ingenious design were disseminated over social media, taking viewers to a hub on the Honda European platform where prospects could pre-register their interest.

The social content exceeded targets by 20 times, reaching 5 million people, who watched the videos 2.5 million times.

More people pre-registered due to social activity than to organic and direct traffic. In fact, pre-registrations were 16 times higher than our original targets.

A perfect fit indeed.