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Digitas developed an app which aims to show that there’s always so much left to discover with the National Trust.

The National Trust is dedicated to preserving heritage, but facing big issues staying relevant. The general public usually associate it with days out at stately homes for old people, rather than a charity doing incredible work, worthy of a return visit.

To inspire return visits, we built an app to be a real-time guide, helping visitors discover something new every time they opened it.

We also used geo-fencing technology to detect when users were at a property and offered them timely, relevant information so they could make the most of their visit.

Since launch the National Trust has experienced an 80% increase in app sessions and a 68% increase in new users. The app has fantastic reviews, and users spend an average of 9 minutes on it.

Best of all, in the latest survey of National Trust visitors, over 3% said that the app had inspired their visit that day – equaling 650,000 days every year.

“We’re delighted to have launched this app, which helps our visitors make the most of their time with us whenever they visit.”

- Tom Barker, Head of Digital at National Trust

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Like what you see?

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