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How to regain loyalty among Gen Z when loyalty does not exist


Loyalty does not exist. Everyone buys and eats everything. Especially Gen Z. Moreover, competitors’ promotional pressure in Russia is quite high, and McDonalds can not to go against it full scale. The main challenge was to make Gen Z turn their attention and appetite to McDonalds whilst avoiding a promotional battle.


Gen Z needs to be praised and rewarded: at home, among friends and especially in Social Networks. This fact is based on social and economical circumstances and is reflected in the biggest Russian Gen Z research by Sberbank. If you want to ask Gen Z for something, make sure that you have a valuable reward (emotional or rational).


We decided to launch a Game inside the most popular Social Network in Russia – Vkontakte. This Game is based just on a single, but so close to Gen Z action – Swipe.

Build your own McDonalds on a Planet of your choice:

Alfa ChickenTavra, Green Saladix, or even Flurryx Deluxis? Then, collect orders via swiping and earn your coins. You can upgrade your restaurant in exchange for coins or by registering your receipts. You can even compete with your friends in Vkontakte. Moreover, you can spend your coins on coupons in McDonalds restaurants!


In the first 10 days we’ve collected more than 1 000 000 players with zero media budget!

Our biggest achievement is 50 000 registered receipts in just 10 days. And we are only at the beginning of AstroMac Genesis…

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Like what you see?

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