IAB NewFront Recap 2024

Ariel Sims & Liane Nadeau
Published May 10, 2024

Miss out on NewFront? Don’t worry, we have your roundup here:

This week marked the gathering of industry leaders at the 2024 NewFronts, the premier event showcasing the latest digital media and advertising developments. While digital content remained a central theme, the emphasis shifted towards showcasing new products and features and how these advancements empower brands to connect with consumers meaningfully across digital landscapes. This year's presentations centered on connecting a customer’s experience across platforms, boosting engagement, and bringing awareness to governance and standards in AI, with deeper discussions surrounding innovation, collaboration, and audience engagement strategies dominating the week.

A few standout publishers and platforms:

Google presented a suite of updates aimed at enhancing advertisers' control and measurement capabilities. These include features like Cross-Device Conversion Reports and PAIR technology, facilitating collaboration between advertisers and publishers while preserving consumer privacy. Additionally, Google introduced the Commitment Optimizer and Generative AI in DV360, empowering partners with tools to optimize budget allocation and refine audience targeting strategies. By unifying content and measurement initiatives, Google aims to streamline advertising efforts while meeting evolving privacy expectations, ultimately benefiting both consumers and advertisers.

Vizio showcased its commitment to providing advertisers with innovative solutions for hyper-engaged audiences. With updates like Vizio Home Screen integration and the introduction of Pause Ads on WatchFree+, Vizio offers brands opportunities to integrate messaging into the user experience seamlessly. Furthermore, Vizio emphasized its Inscape Data products, enabling advertisers to leverage robust campaign measurement data for targeted and effective campaigns. By focusing on a positive user experience and scalable advertising solutions, Vizio positions itself as a valuable partner for both consumers and advertisers alike.

Condé Nast unveiled updates across its suite of brands, emphasizing partnerships with Reddit, Pinterest, ESPN, F1, and NBCU. Notable updates include the expansion of Vogue's presence in global markets and the introduction of new shows across various platforms. Additionally, Condé Nast introduced an Amplified Private Marketplace and new team structures to enhance flexibility and creativity in content creation. By leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative content formats, Condé Nast aims to provide advertisers with effective opportunities to reach diverse audiences across its platforms.

Now onto the Social Media Giants:

The biggest platforms in the business unveiled a plethora of exciting updates designed to empower creators and elevate brand engagement. Snapchat introduced new AR extensions and innovative content initiatives like the Snap Sports Network and the return of Phantom House, offering advertisers immersive opportunities to connect with audiences during tentpole moments on the app. Plus, Snapchat's collaboration with Live Nation in the Snap Nation partnership promises users access to behind-the-scenes festival content all year, adding another layer of engagement and excitement to the platform. Additionally, Snapchat's Creator Accelerator Program, in partnership with Issa Rae and Snapchat’s 523 Creator program, aims to champion diverse creators while providing mentorship and support, further enriching the platform's creative ecosystem.

Meta showcased significant enhancements to its Instagram Creator Marketplace, introducing features like multi-destination product ads and AI image expansion for Reels, streamlining brand advertising processes. These updates provide new avenues for creative expression and ensure more efficient and impactful campaigns.

TikTok introduced Pulse Video Enhancements and a Custom Pulse Lineup tool powered by AI, alongside partnerships with CTV measurement partners like iSpot.tv and Nielsen, demonstrating its commitment to providing advertisers with comprehensive insights and opportunities for impactful brand storytelling.

Finally, at Digitas, we hosted our annual NewFront, this year being a private, client and partner-focused event. As the founder of NewFront, the yearly event is a long-standing tradition and platform for thought leadership and dialogue, enabling exploration of what matters and what’s possible in today’s marketing realms. This year’s theme, “Brand New Worlds,” was designed to instigate discussions among modern marketers and industry leaders on storytelling, linking products to commerce, and engaging with fandoms to bridge entertainment with purchase. Over 150 attendees from 40+ brands attended to hear from talent featuring Sean Evans (host of the YouTube series Hot Ones), Nilay Patel, Decoder Podcast Host & Editor in Chief of The Verge, Chris DiIorio, CMO of Shondaland and our incredible clients from Mizkan and Flonase.

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