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Taco Bell

Mobile Ordering App


See how our revolutionary mobile ordering app forever changed the way Taco Bell fans customize and order their meals.

It all started with a single, yet powerful insight: 70% of Taco Bell’s fans wanted to customize their orders, yet fewer than half did so on a regular basis. No one wanted to hold up the line.  

A more seamless ordering process was needed. 

So we developed a mobile app that would allow fans already tied to their devices to customize their orders quickly and easily, from anywhere.  The app features a patent-pending, one-step reordering process, in-app payment and pick-up preferences, time-based promotions and an easy-to-use menu.

The app climbed to the top of the App Store Food & Drink category and broke into the top 15 apps overall. The average app sale soared over 25% above the typical in-store check.

What’s more, Taco Bell’s fans loved it, praising their favorite features and giving it four and a half stars in the Apple App Store.

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