Condé Nast NewFront: Innovating Through Authenticity


Condé Nast NewFront: Innovating Through Authenticity

Beth Weeks

Condé Nast continues to be a powerhouse for content production, developing 4,000 pieces of video yearly across 21 premium and iconic brands touting Emmy and Academy Award nominations. They are embracing a truly screen agnostic approach, thinking beyond print and digital mediums to produce content for all screens. 

CNE is turning the traditional linear-to-digital content distribution platform model upside down, producing content in digital first that extends into linear channels through large distribution partnerships with Comcast, Amazon, etc. Within the year they are rolling out five TV series and two full length films, the first being debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival (titled First Monday in May). CNE continues to offer an authentic voice in the space coupled with mass reach especially among an emerging early adopter millennial audience.

CNE continues to offer an authentic voice in the space coupled with mass reach


CNE is ahead of the curve, investing in cutting edge technology designed to deliver captivating video experiences, such as virtual reality & 360 video. New ad formats allow for an opportunity to deliver a more immersive experience in storytelling.

They’re partnering with Samsung and Jaunt to debut a VR video series, called Invisible, where they’re investing in and building new technology to reinvent the experience as they shoot and produce this content. While VR headset adoption continues to gain momentum, it’s unlikely that viewership will be substantial for this series, but learnings from this initiative will propel future experiences. Furthermore, CNE will continue to be a first mover in the VR space which will position themselves for future success once adoption is more widespread. It’s also worth noting that CNE has recently rolled out an app redesign to accommodate 360 video viewing experiences.


A big announcement at CNE’s NewFront was the launch of their Next Gen Studio focused on social content production. They strive to create “moments that matter” for their viewers, delivering content that is optimized for the platform on which it is consumed, i.e. different content for Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, etc. CNE is ingesting data and insights to inform best practices in content production and distribution to apply to future campaigns. They will then utilize those learnings to enhance their ability to tell better stories in emerging platforms, across all screens.