OREO invites consumers to share their #OREOtwists in new campaign by Digitas UK

Published July 18, 2022

OREO has launched a new campaign celebrating all the different and playful ways people eat the iconic cookie and encouraging them to share their quirky rituals and pairings.  


Highlighting the unique ways UK consumers enjoy their OREO cookies, the integrated campaign aims to spark conversations on social media around the fun and unexpected rituals consumers have, demonstrating there is no wrong way to eat an OREO cookie. The campaign kicks off with three 15-second films featuring some creative twists to how consumers eat their OREO cookies.  


The first film shows two people dipping their OREO cookies into peanut butter and discovering their shared twist. In the second film, we see an unlikely pairing when a dad dunks an OREO cookie in a cup of orange juice, to the bewilderment of his teenager. The final film shows a young lady who’s created her own ritual, twisting and scraping off the cream, while her friend gobbles down the cookie whole.  


Rafael Espesani Mondelēz Senior Brand Manager, OREO UK said: “Every consumer has their own unique ways of having an OREO cookie, either a special ritual when eating the cookie on its own or even pairing with other ingredients. We’re a playful cookie at heart so we want this campaign to spark conversations and give people a little encourage to share their own OREO twists, and celebrate the fact that all OREO twists are acceptable. They might even find a new favourite OREO twists that haven’t tried before. ”  


OREO is amplifying the campaign through owned and earned activities on digital. It will also include a partnership with LADbible, using its platform to continue conversation with fans and content creators sharing their own #OREOtwists.  


Digitas UK led the strategic and creative work, and collaborated with TinMan, which is handling the PR, Carat, which is handling media and Elvis for owned social activity, to bring the integrated campaign to life.  


Emma de la Fosse, CCO, Digitas UK said: “The secret’s out. There’s a whole world of people enjoying their OREO in weird and wonderful ways – dunking them in juice, slathering peanut butter on them, dipping them in yogurt, the list goes on. We know Brits are very specific about how they consume cookies and we used this opportunity to highlight this behaviour in a way that hasn’t been done before and that resonates with OREO’s audience.”