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When the iconic footwear brand sought out an agency that paired insights with creativity and innovation to help the brand achieve its aggressive ambitions, Digitas rose to the top as Crocs’ Global Digital Media & Creative Agency partner. Digitas won the pitch with a concept that was differentiated, globally scaled, and culturally relevant, focusing on intimate personalization, giving consumers a way to create their own unique pair of shoes that reflected their values and evolved them. It then came time for the team to quickly transition, onboarding 40+ client relationships spanned across 5 countries, 3 regions, and 5 time zones.


Due to the size of Crocs’ organization, it was particularly complex for the team to transfer, optimize, and bring together disparate and manual processes and strategies from 5 different countries in a very short window to avoid any gaps in service. The first 30 days in brand agency partnerships are critical in the path to establishing long-term success. Using authenticity, agility and transparency as the foundation of the transition period were key elements in ensuring a seamless and fast-paced transfer. 

A flawless transition for the world’s most iconic footwear brand

With a full transition playbook, and some additional help from a global PM and transition leads, Digitas successfully activated 30 campaigns across 5 countries in only 30 days. The process leveraged a new global hub and regional spoke operating model that included successfully transferring and setting up 10 media and social activation platforms and establishing a global core team of 90+ Digitas Unicorns.   

Digitas and Crocs project management teams collaborated to optimize the current integrated campaign process to allow for more strategic decisioning, regional participating, closed-loop learning, and media-fueled creativity for both Crocs-led and Digitas-led initiatives.  

The team met the ultimate KPI of being live in-market within 30 days without any “flaws.” As a result of Digitas’ intense transparency and Crocs’ active collaboration, any snags in the process were discovered and resolved in real time so as to not affect long-term outcomes. 

"As the Crocs brand continues to grow, Digitas has proven to be a true partner that is global in scale and brings an innovative approach to reaching and engaging our fans in key markets around the world."
Heidi Cooley Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Crocs

Since the start of the relationship, Digitas has enabled Crocs to simplify and streamline the brand’s creative production process, while maximizing the brand’s media dollars. Digitas supports Crocs with all global brand paid advertising efforts, including digital media and analytics, organic social, quick-to-market cultural response, always-on display production, and more.

  • 120+

    transition tasks executed

  • 57%

    exceeded forecasted traffic goal

  • 20%

    more cost efficient CPLPV (Cost per Landing Page View)

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