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Say Hello to Digitas AI. 

Since 1980, we’ve been driving brand and business growth for our clients by transcending traditional marketing boundaries. Today, we are excited to gallop into the new AI era with the Unicorn of AI operating systems.

Take your time-consuming tasks, terabytes of data, and resourcing shortfalls off the table by building brand-safe AI solutions that turn data into creativity. Fire up your brand experiences, and prepare your content operations for AI, all at scale.

Ready to create magic with DigitasAI? For more information, contact us at unicornAI@digitas.com


Take a look at how Digitas AI is a unicorn of a solution:


  • Stand-up agents in a flash: Our comprehensive Agent Management System (AMS) manages AI agents effortlessly while creating customized AI experiences that fit your needs.  
  • Transform data & insights into creativity: Our platform allows you to build agents with identity-based data to test your ideas with interactive personas. Let's take your creative testing up a notch.  
  • Create magical brand experiences: Build dynamic, personalized web experiences in a flash with the power of Machine-Augmented Generation of Interactive Content—MAGIC in action.  
  • Declutter content landscapes: Transform libraries of content with our Content Embedding Service, making content distribution a breeze while ensuring superior user experiences.  
  • Scale and build with brand safety at the forefront: Digitas AI is an all-in-one solution for rapidly building GenAI products safely and securely. It is solution-agnostic, allowing applications access to various solutions tuned to each one’s strengths and capabilities.  

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To grow in today’s fragmented world, you need a unicorn. Digitas brings together creativity, data, technology and media to spark magical connections between brands and people–what we call Networked Experiences.​

With over 5,000 unicorns in 65 offices across 43 countries, Digitas is proud to call the world’s most ambitious brands clients.

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Our people are the heart of our Fearless, Inventive and Generous culture.

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