The Best of CES 2023

CES 2023 Recap Webinar

For over 50 years, the world has eagerly awaited the yearly arrival of CES to explore the most groundbreaking products and promises for the future. This year, the stakes are even higher.

We now live in a world where, when we all share one common goal, new frontiers are opened, limitations are overcome at an unparalleled pace, and mold-breaking tech is the norm — not the exception.

Digitas experts bring their unique CES perspectives and break down this year's best from the show. They uncover and assess CES 2023, bringing you this year's highlights and shining a light on innovation that is for all — and for good.

Watching the recording here (passcode: d1g1tas*).

The Morning Show and Beyond

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CES Experts

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Adam Buhler
SVP, Creative Technology
headshot and avatar
Morgan Pomish
VP/Director, Connections Strategy
Danisha Lomax
EVP, Head of Client Inclusivity and Impact
headshot and avatar
Jason Pickar
VP/Director, Creative
headshot and avatar
Nora Barnicle
Associate Director, Strategic Intelligence
headshot and avatar
Sam Costello
VP/Director, Technology
headshot and avatar
Jen Faraci
EVP, Chief Data Officer, NA
headshot and avatar
Melissa Berger
EVP, National Strategic Growth and Solutions
headshot and avatar
Melanie Cleary
Associate Director, Creative
headshot and avatar
Michelle Niblock
VP, Account Director
Nicole Hoover headshot + avatar
Nicole Hoover
VP/Director, Technology
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