The Foundation of Belleza: Transforming Beauty Narratives for the New Empowered Generation

Karen Rangel
Published December 20, 2023

Growing up in Mexico, I often encountered advertisements featuring individuals who didn't resemble me. I vividly recall yearning for the iconic blonde Barbie, a stark contrast to my appearance. 

As a child, my exposure to toys primarily featured stereotypical American children with distinct appearances and characteristics. However, as I navigated through my formative years, I couldn't help but notice that these depictions didn't resonate with my own identity. The images portrayed by these toys uphold unrealistic standards that don't align with the diversity of experiences and appearances in the real world. No había ningún niño o niña con el mismo color de piel, ojos o de mi cabello.

The lack of representation in these toys left me feeling somewhat alienated, as if my existence didn't fit the mold of what was considered the norm.

As I navigated through the journey of growing up and delving into the realm of beauty, I began to observe a strikingly familiar scenario: a lack of representation mirrored my appearance. My budding interest in beauty trends and techniques revealed a conspicuous absence of individuals who shared my features. I distinctly recall a moment when my aspiration to create a captivating smokey eye turned into a disappointing realization – the result didn't quite harmonize with my unique facial characteristics.

The challenge extended beyond makeup, encapsulating my experience with hairstyling as well. Possessing a voluminous, straight mane, I grappled with the limitations imposed by my hair's texture. Unlike las modelos in advertisements and online tutorials, my hair resisted conforming to the trendy and playful styles showcased. The disconnect between my reality and the beauty standards presented in media became palpable. I often felt my hair wasn't considered "friendly" enough to effortlessly execute the diverse and fun hairstyles in the beauty industry's visual landscape.

Now, as an adult living in the United States and working in advertising, I take immense pride in embracing my Mexican heritage. The significance of this personal journey has only deepened, particularly since becoming a mother to a baby girl. 

As a mother, it has become even more apparent that my role extends beyond my professional endeavors. I am motivated by a sincere desire to instill in my daughter a profound sense of pride in her roots and a celebration of her unique beauty. It is a commitment to creating a world where she sees herself represented authentically and feels empowered to embrace her cultural identity with pride. In this way, my journey has evolved into a mission to contribute to a more inclusive and affirming environment for my daughter and future generations.

Recently, when the chance to collaborate with Sephora on "The Foundation of Belleza" presented itself, I recognized it as a golden opportunity to contribute to the ongoing transformation of beauty standards. I’m beyond excited to be able to amplify the voices and stories that often go unheard, promoting a beauty narrative that resonates with individuals from various cultural backgrounds. It's a step towards creating a more inclusive space where everyone, including my daughter, can witness and embrace the beauty of their own unique identity.

The Foundation of Belleza is a series that allows us to truly amplify the voices and narratives of Latine beauty entrepreneurs. Our aim is to showcase their remarkable innovation, unwavering resilience, and profound cultural pride. Showcasing this diversity is not merely an act of recognition but a catalyst for inspiration and transformation.

Digitas and Sephora stand as collaborative partners, embarking on a journey of creating groundbreaking campaigns and content that celebrate diversity and propel it to the forefront. This partnership extends beyond the realms of marketing. It is a shared commitment to fostering a culture that recognizes the inherent beauty in our differences, a dedication to amplifying voices that have long been marginalized, and a promise to redefine beauty as an inclusive, empowering force. 

This impactful collaboration is a fantastic example, inspiring other brands to liberate themselves from conventional boundaries and explore beyond the ordinary. 

At Digitas, our commitment is fortified by the MCCoe (The Multicultural Center of Excellence), a collective built to empower teams and clients to represent culture and community authentically. We inspire and ignite Creative, Strategic, Media, and Production business outcomes through a marketing framework. This collective effort ensures that we reflect the diversity of our audience and empower individuals to actively shape the collective narrative of their cultural identity, fostering a richer and more meaningful connection.

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