4 Digitas Clients Land on Prophet’s Brand Relevance Index

New York, United States

99-year-old KitchenAid beats out Apple and Google for 3rd spot as most relevant brand to millennials

-       Digitas, the Connected Marketing Agency, has three brands making the top 25 of the fourth annual Prophet Brand Relevance Index – KitchenAid, PlayStation, and Pandora. Lyft, another Digitas brand, jumped 79 spots to #55 and is dubbed the second biggest mover to increase its ranking year-over-year.

-       The Brand Relevance Index is the only ranking that speaks directly to consumers to find out which brands are most indispensable to their lives. Prophet is a global consulting firm that surveyed over 12,500 consumers in the U.S. on 299 brands across 37 industries.

-       Consumers measured the brands on four key principles: customer obsession (brands you can't live without), ruthless pragmatism (brands you can depend on), pervasive innovation (brands that consistently innovate) and distinctive inspiration (brands that inspire you).

KitchenAid: “…a social media whiz…”

-       KitchenAid, founded in 1919, is the oldest brand on the index’s top 25, ranking #3 as the most relevant brand to millennials (beating Apple and Google at #4 and #5 respectively), and #8 overall in the US. KitchenAid is also cited as a category leader under Durable Goods,

-       Prophet cites KitchenAid as “…a social media whiz…finding new ways to win with followers, from great recipes to technical pointers.” The culinary brand also ranked #1 in “I know I can depend on”, and is among the top-ranked brands in the “customer-obsessed” category (one of the four principles of brand relevance), along with Netflix, Pixar, and Trader Joe’s.

PlayStation: “…pushes the status quo…”

-       Ranked as the #13 most relevant brand, PlayStation also wins in the “pervasively innovative” category and is considered a category leader in Electronics & Gaming. 

-       About PlayStation, Prophet cites, “PlayStation scores high for ‘Engages with me in new and different ways’, and ‘pushes the status quo’”.

Pandora: “Connects with me emotionally”

-       Ranked as the #23 most relevant brand, Pandora is cited in the report as “…still the biggest streaming service in the U.S… [and is] one of the best performing brands in both ‘Makes me happy’ and ‘Connects with me emotionally’”.

“These rankings are validation that a connected marketing approach is powerful. KitchenAid, which touches our entire diverse set of connected capabilities -- Data, Strategy, Media, Tech, and Creative – is the unicorn brand most might be surprised to see on the list, but we’re not. We partner with them every day to deliver a 360-degree consumer brand experience and we are proud of the impact we are making in the marketplace with them.” – Michael Kahn, Global Brand President, Digitas


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