National Unicorn Day: Brought to you by Digitas

New York, NY

9th April - Digitas National Unicorn Day

With a unicorn as its official logo and talent known as “Unicorns”, Digitas takes on 2018’s National Unicorn Day by unveiling the Digitas Unicorn Name Generator, with over 2,500 different name combinations like Enchanted Golden Mane and Lord Candy Cloud, to celebrate all-things wondrous about unicorn talent.

As part of the National Unicorn Day, Digitas also created an employee video series,  “Tell Me About Unicorns”, spotlighting Digitas talent across job titles, gender, age, and ethnicity, all sharing what “being a Unicorn” means to them. At the end of each video, 15 in all, viewers see each employee's surprise reaction when their unique unicorn name is revealed.

“We are a company culture built on wonder, and this National Unicorn Day, we want to share that magic, even for just a moment. Our talent inspires us with a sense of imagination and what’s possible for our brands, and what’s more wondrous than a Unicorn?” Erin Quill Keough, Chief Talent Officer, Digitas (aka Magical Meadow Jewel).

Earlier this month, Digitas removed the “LBi” from its name, returning to Digitas, and unveiled a new brand proposition, “Truth. Connection. Wonder.”    

The Unicorn Name Generator and video series was created by a Digitas team of global talent across multiple offices that included New York, London, Mumbai, and Chicago.