The 90’s are back, and so is Zima

Chicago, IL


DigitasLBi Chicago teamed up with Mekanism to reintroduce ZIMA, the clear malt, citrus infused beverage, back into the U.S. market by helping to develop a 90’s inspired website – when Zima was at its peak.

The site features nifty tech and themes from the 90’s, including fun sound effects, GIFs, and downloadable wallpapers. But, most importantly, a product locator which will help unite fans to this old favorite.

ZIMA is scheduled to be on shelves no later than July 4th, and will be sold throughout summer 2017, or until it sells out!

Credits: Sujal Patel, Matt Saip, Bill Heublein, Ted Burkhardt, Jorge Saenz, Joseph Barker, Erin Holiday.